Dailies: Film/TV Talk Back, or Why Do YOU Love…?


I’m doing something a little different today. (And different is good, right?) I’m curious about your TV and film tastes. So instead of imposing mine on you, I have a few questions to spark a little discussion. (And then I’ll go back to blabbing about what I like.)

In a previous “Dailies,” I explained that my “Why We Love…” series would focus on “something that is, by all appearances, a cultural phenomenon,” and then spend some time “contemplating the why and how of it.” I’ve started with Breaking Bad, and I intend to finish that off by early next week (around the 2nd Anniversary of the show’s finale). But what are some other film or TV phenomena you’d like to see covered? What do you love and why? I’m curious, and I like the idea of a homework assignment.

Another type of short post I’m contemplating (because short is good, right?) is famous movie images or famous movie lines. In the first instance, images are not always readily available (that is, if we go the ethical route and stick to Creative Commons, which I’ve been faithfully doing). But then again, that’s what “words” are for. (If you’ve seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, you probably remember the scene with the ape flinging the bone into the air, and then the bone becoming a spaceship, right?) We can evoke the image together, and I’ll go see if I can track down an image or clip. How does that sound?

In the second case, it’s true that some great/famous/memorable movie lines are sometimes offensive. (Like in The Usual Suspects: “Hand me the keys, you________.” Or in Pulp Fiction: “Say ‘what’ again, ________.”) In many cases, the foul language is part of the colour, the texture of the film’s dialogue. So, I thought I’d jump in here and say, no worries: this is an adult blog, and I have no hang-ups about a bit of cussing. (I’ve done it once or twice on this blog, I think? Shit, I dunno.) All the same, what’s more famous than “Here’s looking at you, kid,” from Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca (1942), or “Nobody’s perfect!” from Billy Wilder’s Some Like it Hot (1959).

So: tell me what you love, and why you love it.

Have a great day.



  1. Since October is coming up, how about some of the creepier and more supernatural TV offerings? I really love Twin Peaks, Buffy, X-Files and the like. There’s always Supernatural during its first few years, too. I think what we fear reflects a lot about us (maybe more than what we realize).

    As for favorite scenes, I really like the scene in My Immortal Beloved where a young Ludwig floats in a lake of stars. I could so clearly see what the director was trying to do with that scene — make us feel that the lake was like floating in the sky, because of the night sky reflected in the water.

    There are also many scenes in The Shining (like the maze or the shots of the mountains). I’m also a sucker for scenes of beautiful interiors and buildings — Manderley in Rebecca, Pemberly in Pride and Prejudice, the houses in Practical Magic and The Holiday.

    As for quotes, one stands out. In Jane Austen Book Club, I love it when Grigg tells Jocelyn he likes driving by the river and she snarks back “What are you, Mark Twain?” Always cracks me up.

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    1. Yep, I can do one (or more) of Twin Peaks, Buffy, X-Files, or Supernatural. -In the case of the latter, I might ask, Why in the Hell Do We Love It (i.e., still, long after the show has tanked)? In other words, I’ll cover just about anything, but I may not always be NICE to the show. I give you fair warning.

      Hmm, yeah, I think I recall the Imm. Beloved scene. Is that near the end of the film? (This seems worth tracking down just to remind people of an awesome Gary Oldman role.)

      Yeah, Kubrick’s got a great eye, and (I would think) some of those images are avail. on Creative Commons.

      The “Mark Twain” quote I’m not familiar with, but I’ll look for it.

      Okay. Lots to look into. I’m keeping track, I promise! 😉


      1. Well, in the spirit of fair warnings, I should point out that if you slam Supernatural, you may get some nasty comments from some of the uber-fans. And to be fair, many shows struggle to maintain interest in later years or even lose their way. I didn’t enjoy later seasons of Buffy and X-Files (after their move to LA) as much as I enjoyed the early seasons. Both shows maintained my interest, but it just wasn’t the same.

        I think the Immortal Beloved scene is towards the end – it’s when Ludwig is remembering his childhood and specifically running away from his abusive father.

        Jane Austen Book Club is worth a watch. It’s one of the few movies I enjoyed more than the book. The Devil Wears Prada is another – I didn’t even get through that book. That’s another idea for things to write about: books and movies (movies made into films, films about books and writing, etc.).

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      2. Well, bring it on, I say. Though I haven’t SAID anything yet. Really. Or rather, I’ve only just begun. Heck, anything to generate some traffic (even possibly road rage). But I can give Supernatural its due as well. Yeah, I’ll have to give both IB and JA Book Club a look, too. Just keep piling it on, and I’ll eventually dig myself out.


    1. Yes, these seem like good choices. But this will mean HOMEWORK for me. I’ll definitely consider it. (My sister went bananas for Dexter, so I’ve been meaning to give it a look anyway.) And Fringe is sort of X-Files territory, so I’ll check it out, too.



  2. Hi Adam, I’m clearly from a different era (oldie :)) and I must throw in The Wire. Why? Great acting, great script, realistic (check out my bio to see why I am qualified to say that). As for movie images – MM in the white dress in the Seven Year Itch! Told you I was an oldie lol

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    1. Maybe not my era, but I agree with the choice: The Wire is outstanding choice – for all the reasons you mention. I’ll add that and see if I can’t fit it in eventually.

      Yes, Marilyn; of course. I’m going to collect some suggestions and post them if I can track them down. (And I do like Some Like it Hot, so there’s a good chance of covering a MM film.)

      Thanks for the suggestions, SteveB!


  3. I’m not a movie or TV buff, and I don’t know if you’re into this type of movie, but I can never get enough of Donnie Darko and so many great lines in it. One of my favorites:

    Donnie: Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?
    Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

    I also love the scene in which Donnie is in the bathroom with a knife and he’s jabbing it into the mirror while Frank is reflected in it.

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    1. Oh, I’m into it alright: DD was my favourite movie for a while – great performance by the Gyllenhaals (Jake and Maggie); kick-ass soundtrack; and wormholes! What’s not to like… Most importantly, it was an intelligent, well-written film. And sad, too, of course. (“It’s a mad world…”). Yep. I’ll not only try to track down some clips (again, trying to stay within the CC boundaries), but I might just do a little piece on that movie. Great choice!

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