Dailies: New Directions, Old(er) Paths


Happy Wednesday, folks. At the prompting of the Blogging 201 folks, I just might have come up with an “event” post: “Talk Back Tuesdays.” What do you think? Yesterday (see post here), I asked for some feedback on… well, not simply your “favourite” TV shows or films: what I really wanted was some suggestions for “Why We Love…”—emphasis on the collective “we.” In other words, why do so many folks (you and millions of others) like this show? I have some results, and so perhaps, if “Talk Back Tuesdays” becomes a thing, I’ll base one or more of my “Dailies” for the rest of the week on the responses from you good people.

So far, here is what you (meaning, the two of you who responded) suggested for an upcoming “Why We Love…”:

  • Twin Peaks

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • X-Files

  • Supernatural

  • Dexter

  • Fringe

My first instinct this morning was to ask for more suggestions, but I thought I’d honour the folks who responded by deciding to choose from their pool of shows. I can’t do ALL of them, at least not at once, but I can choose one for now and then move on to another one. As much as it would be fascinating to look at the nose-dive that is Supernatural (if you can’t admit that, you’re fooling yourself: and don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes either), I would have to eliminate it since it’s currently running (Season 11 begins on October 7). So, then, of these other five, WHICH show should I begin with?

I guess I’m handing out homework now, but I like to be convinced a little, so at least give me a reason or two WHY you love Twin Peaks or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The X-Files or Dexter or Fringe?

Finally, as promised, I tracked down a memorable image from a film, based on the responses from yesterday’s “Talk Back.” Recognize this interior shot?




  1. For me, Twin Peaks was amazing because it allowed for the weird and quirky – even celebrated it. At that point in the 90s, a lot of TV seemed like cookie-cutter versions of the same shows and I liked that this show allowed for something else. The writing and acting were strong (always a plus) and the atmosphere created was just chilling – the perfect blend of weird, dark, and familiar.

    I loved X-Files because of the interaction between Mulder and Scully and because of the great handling of some very scary stories (“Home” is still one of the scariest things I’ve even seen on TV). It was a typical quest narrative and I really grew to care about Mulder and Scully’s quests for the truth and for answers.

    In a lot of ways, Buffy was a show I liked in spite of itself. It had a heroine who wasn’t very “bookish” or smart in the traditional sense (like Willow) and it was created (sort of) for teenagers. The use of metaphors was sometimes hit-you-over-the-head obvious (evil hyenas to describe peer pressure and high school cliques? Spare me). Despite that, it had a lot of heart and it was amazing to see a show about a teenage girl who was making an impact in the world and was very powerful. I couldn’t help but be drawn into the world created in those early stories.

    For me, Supernatural was the opposite: it was a show I wanted to like, but ultimately it alienated me with its writing choices.

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    1. Well, as I say, I can only choose ONE for the time being. Both Twin Peaks and The X-Files are due to resume in 2016, so they seem like good candidates – one followed by the other (not sure what order). (And great justifications for revisiting these two shows, by the way.)

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