Why We Love Twin Peaks, Reason #3: Agent Dale Cooper (and the Love of Coffee)


Dale Cooper likes coffee.

I like Dale Cooper.

I also like coffee—a lot.

“Dale? You’re alright.”

That’s what I’d say if I met Dale in a diner somewhere. I suppose I’d be shy about it, a little star-struck maybe. But I’d like to imagine ol’ Dale would not only tolerate my chatter (probably caffeine-induced) but would share a cup of joe with me. (Imagine him nodding to me as I sat down in the booth across from him.)

“Ahhh,” I can imagine us both saying, in stereo, sipping black coffee from white cups. (Imagine him giving the thumbs up—and me rushing to mimic the gesture, but, in my nervous clumsiness, spilling a little of my coffee in the process.)

I suppose I have my doubts about Dale liking all the coffee he samples in Twin Peaks (in the town itself but also during his travels): I have very specific requirements for my coffee, whereas Dale seems easily pleased by the generic diner brands. He’s a nice guy, after all.

For me, there must be beans involved—fresh beans: not from a grocery store aisle, but from a roastery, with a little slick of oil on them (indicating a “dark roast,” which means slightly burnt, but that’s how I like it). Second, a grinder, cleaned daily (the the ground beans go rancid and affect the taste of subsequent batches: always clean that grinder!). Third, a manual drip—and that means cylindrical collander with screw-on cap and paper/metal filter, a “plunger” (tube with rubber stopper at the end, that manually pushes out the coffee), fresh ground coffee and boiled water, stir stick, and cup (if not white, then definitely not black: you need to see the coffee in the cup… c’mon!).

Yes, I suspect that Dale isn’t all that particular, though I imagine he’d appreciate the cup of joe made from one of these manual drip thingies.

“That’s a damn fine cup of coffee, Adam!” (Imagine another thumbs up.)

And Dale likes his coffee black—black as night—and often, accompanied by a dark-red cherry pie. (Hmm: black and red; there’s that colour-pattern again!) I also prefer my coffee black, but while cherry pie is fine, I’m rather partial to sampling some good quality chocolate: coffee and chocolate’s a fine pairing, any day of the week.

“Diane? Find out about available ‘manual drip’ coffee-makers. I just might have discovered a way to enhance the coffee-drinking experience. The Black Lodge is awful, but the coffee there is unbelievable. -And Adam? You’re alright.”


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