Dailies Double: Favourite Creepy Moments in Film


You’re looking at one of my favourite creepy moments (or scenes) in film: perhaps that hallway from The Shining (1980) would not have creeped me out if the carpet design had been more stylish…

Is it the ugly combination of orange-brown-red? Maybe. (I’m oldish: I was around in the 1970s and the 1980s, and I might have worn some assemblage that included those colours: an orange golf shirt, brown “slacks,” and red sneakers… Why not? The height of sophistication, I guarantee it… Come to think of it, I believe I had a bowl-cut like the kid in The Shining, but no imaginary friend that lived inside my mouth. At least my mother can be grateful for that.)

It could be the mesmerizing effect of a continuous pattern (ugly or not), creating the feeling that you’re sinking into the floor or about to be absorbed by it.

It might also be the plain creepy feeling of being forced to follow the camera down the hallway. What’s down there? We’re both simultaneously frightened and intrigued by the possibilities.

What are YOUR favourite creepy moments in film?

(I know it’s Saturday, but why wait ‘til Tuesday for a “talk back”?)



  1. I don’t know much about film and I rarely watch “scary” movies, but I do remember really enjoying The Ring when it first came out. The scene at the end when the girl comes out of the TV (hair first) and into the guy’s living room was great for me. I recently saw a clip of it on YouTube and I was surprised to see how poor the special effects for that scene seem to me now. I didn’t realize just how long ago that movie came out and how much special effects have changed. If I were to see that movie now for the first time, that scene certainly wouldn’t be nearly as scary. But, anyway, that’s one creepy scene that has stuck out for me.

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  2. Well, for me, it was the grainy, low-budget quality of the video tape in The Ring that makes things all the creepier. Maybe the idea was: “old” technology has some residue of the past that haunts?


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