Dailies: A Trip to the Dentist

Folks, this one’s going to be brief. Flying yesterday. Dentist appointment today. Am I looking forward to it? Perhaps less so if this guy was my dentist.


To his unsuspecting clients and “friends,” he’s a jovial and all-around great guy. (In the image, he’s  saying, “Aces!”) To us, the audience who’s seen his previous work, he’s Lorne Malvo, evil incarnate.

Of course, there’s a whole slew of films out there featuring dentists or dental appointments: Novocaine (2001) comes to mind; there’s also Horrible Bosses (2011). But one of my favourite scenes involving a trip to the dentist comes from Coffee and Cigarettes (2003). Here, of all things, a dental visit seems like a wonderful treat—a gesture of friendship between two otherwise strangers, meeting one another in an outdoor Parisian cafe.

Here’s the scene.

I gotta run for my own trip to the dentist; I suppose most of you are too far away to take my place today. Maybe next time?


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