Dailies: Winter Noir (Montreal Style)


Nightime Winter 2015 024

Cochon Noir

Winter’s a noir time of the year, is it not?



Dailies: the November Blahs, Leftovers, and Future Film Feasts


Hya, folks. I apologize for that long absence back there… I was away. (That word had a curious connotation to nineteenth-century folks in Ireland, don’t you know?) I was away and not in my usual element—my familiar work environment—and also a little busy with travel, etc. And I’m still “away,” technically: sitting in a library, typing away on this laptop. But I’m “back” in other ways: back in action, watching, absorbing, and blabbing about TV and film. And it feels good. (Clickety-clack, clickety-clack, clickety-clack…)