Nightlies: Does Fargo Have a “Red Room”?

Earlier today, I alluded to the Lynchian elements in the Fargo TV series’ musical score, but what about set design? I rewatched episode 9, Season 1, “A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage,” and began to wonder if there was an intended allusion to the “red room” we see throughout Lynch’s Twin Peaks (you know: where Dale Cooper lounges on a chair, while The Man From Another Place grooves to jazz music?).


Nightlies: David Lynch and the Abstract Face


Hello to “you” out there, in the darkness . . . shapeless and indiscernible, abstract and beautiful. I won’t put names on you, I won’t diagnose or decipher you. I’ll let that camera of the mind roll until the film is exhausted; and even, after looking over the dailies (when my sun has risen and I duck into the photo lab to avoid exposure), I’ll restrain myself from cutting you out.