NIGHTLIES: Del Toro Is a “Gargoyle Guy”


Of course he is. And he was in Montreal this past weekend to talk about that love of horror and dark fantasy, as well as his background in special effects, during the city’s annual Fantasia International Film Festival.



Nightlies: The Beauty of Gray

I’ve been reading a little bit about the rise of Technicolor (ca. 1915-1935), and it got me thinking about the beauty of gray, of that swirling vortex of black-and-white that the eye makes in its perception of monochromatic cinematography.


Nightlies: Does Fargo Have a “Red Room”?

Earlier today, I alluded to the Lynchian elements in the Fargo TV series’ musical score, but what about set design? I rewatched episode 9, Season 1, “A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage,” and began to wonder if there was an intended allusion to the “red room” we see throughout Lynch’s Twin Peaks (you know: where Dale Cooper lounges on a chair, while The Man From Another Place grooves to jazz music?).


Nightlies: David Lynch and the Abstract Face


Hello to “you” out there, in the darkness…shapeless and indiscernable, abstract and beautiful. I won’t put names on you, I won’t diagnose or decipher you. I’ll let that camera of the mind roll until the film is exhausted; and even, after looking over the dailies (when my sun has risen and I duck into the photo lab to avoid exposure), I’ll restrain myself from cutting you out.