Dailies: The Snowy Western Noir

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As you know, I have a fondness for westerns, but I also quite like the noir genre. (For intelligent coverage of both sorts of films, you have to check out Canadian Cinephile.) And it seems that contemporary film has begun to explore the key overlaps in the two genres.


Nightlies: Does Fargo Have a “Red Room”?

Earlier today, I alluded to the Lynchian elements in the Fargo TV series’ musical score, but what about set design? I rewatched episode 9, Season 1, “A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage,” and began to wonder if there was an intended allusion to the “red room” we see throughout Lynch’s Twin Peaks (you know: where Dale Cooper lounges on a chair, while The Man From Another Place grooves to jazz music?).